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Sources of non-linearity in detector

  1. Oct 20, 2005 #1
    Basic setup is a photo-detector coupeled with an amplifier.
    Questions is what are possible sources of non-linear behaviour ?
    Now, one possible source is obviously the amplification of background noise, but what other sources are there ?
    Alternatively could one give me a book or website to read up on it ?
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    Background is usually not considered a "nonlinearity".
    I'd think more in terms of saturation effects, both of the amplifier and the detector, dead-time effects (depends on exactly how it is read out...)

    BTW, I think I move this to GP section, as this doesn't really sound like a homework/textbook problem.
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    The detector in question works at the lower detection limit (which is usuall given by the background noise, correct ?)
    Deadtime is an saturation effect as far as I understand, playing a role at hight intensities.
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    What kind of photodetector? PIN photodiode, PMT, etc.?
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