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South atlantic anomaly

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    The evolution of the particle background at an altitude of 540km during the time
    interval between 1996 and 2007 is studied using the particle monitor of the High
    Energy X-ray Timing Experiment on board NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer.
    A special emphasis of this study is the location and strength of the South Atlantic
    Anomaly (SAA). The size and strength of the SAA are anti-correlated with the the
    10.7 cm radio
    ux of the Sun, which leads the SAA strength by 1 year re
    variations in solar heating of the upper atmosphere. The location of the SAA is
    also found to drift westwards with an average drift rate of about 0.3=yr following
    the drift of the geomagnetic eld con guration. Superimposed to this drift rate are
    irregularities, where the SAA suddenly moves eastwards and where furthermore the
    speed of the drift changes. The most prominent of these irregularities is found in
    the second quarter of 2003 and another event took place in 1999. We suggest that
    these events are previously unrecognized manifestations of the geomagnetic jerks of
    the Earth's magnetic eld.
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