South Korea's Economy?

  1. What do people think of South Korea's economy. They seem to have had a lot of growth. What would people attribute this to. They are highly educated in Korea but the Korean market is not able to absorb the amount of people with degrees. Is this a disaster in planing or has this helped to drive the economy?|hig|11-10-2011|editors_highlights
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  3. I think this is an interesting article for understanding how Korean culture has helped their development:

    In 1983, being a scientist was the job most children wanted to get when they grew up. I think that kind of attitude along with a government that encourages technological growth has been the key to their development. How it will go in the future is hard to say. As you can see from the article, the most popular occupation among children is now being an entertainer, and the science and technology field has lost much of its prestige. At the same time "everyone" takes a university degree, and many end up with degrees which does not make them employable.
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