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South-Ukraine NPP

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    On January 15, 2015, 22:03 Kyiv time, the South-Ukraine NPP (SU NPP) АТ-1 grid automatic transformer was tripped by the electrical protection system, with subsequent conflagration.

    The fire was extinguished at 23:42 Kyiv time, January 15, 2015.

    The disturbance did not impact the operation of SU NPP power units. The NPP’s radiological situation remained unchanged.

    The background radiation at the South-Ukraine NPP industrial site remains at the level of natural background radiation, as registered before the start-up of the nuclear power plant, and amounts to 11,4 µR/h.

    The amount of radioactive materials released into the environment does not exceed the established permitted levels.

    Information. The South-Ukraine NPP is located on the banks of Pivdennyi Buh river in a town of Yuzhnoukrayinsk, Mykolayiv region, and is a Separated Subdivision of the State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”. The NPP belongs to the South-Ukraine Power Complex.

    The Power Complex consists of the following facilities: South-Ukraine NPP (3 power units of VVER-1000 type to the total installed capacity of 3000 MW), Oleksandrivka HPS on Pivdennyi Buh river (2 hydro-units to the total installed capacity of 11,5 MW) and Tashlyk HPSPP (Phase 1 commissioned: 2 hydro-units to the total electrical capacity of 320 MW in generation mode; Phase 2 under construction: hydro-unit № 3).
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    CEO of South-Ukrainian NPP gave the details on the fire station:

    the victims and the victims at the time of the message, the number of dead and injured is not.

    To extinguish the fire was drawn 16 units of special fire fighting equipment and 125 personnel of the PRNG 27 1 GPSO State in Mykolaiv oblasti._Na fire extinguishing Posted: 1 powder master stream nozzle, 2 manual powder barrel, the barrel 3 GPS-600, six barrels of water "And "and 2 water barrel" B

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    Transformer fires are not that uncommon and aren't related to the nuclear side of the plant.
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    that's right.
    however, I want to warn the Russian slander in the future. :)
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    Is this the same unit which has been tripping due to transformer issues?

    I'm speculating they might have bypassed transformer trips and didn't do sufficient oil analysis to determine if the transformer was good or not. Or maybe a common mode problem with transformers (unlikely but possible)

    Edit: different site/unit
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    There were events at Zaporozhiya, Unit 3 nuclear power plant tripped on 28 November, and at Unit 6 in December. The current event deals with South Ukraine Unit, which apparently had transformer malfunction.



    Daily status of Ukraine NPPs (thanks to a.ua.)
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