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Space and time are relative

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    Space and time are relative. Most think that time will continue forever. That means that space will grow as well. Therefore the universe will comtinue to expand forever. According to my secret theory (A=B) the universe will continue expanding forever and after "time" speed up. Time, therefore, will travel faster, yet, due to relativity, go unnoticed.
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    Another reason for me to suggest people to read SR and GR thoroughly before coming here to start pointless arguments.

    You should really need to work out the reference frames first, one by one.

    I just don't get why people keep twisting and mixing up concepts, and then coming to completely wrong conclusions that they call their own "secret" or "new" theories.
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    Time isn't an absolute quantity. There's no universal clock that would speed up. The only meaning time has is in comparison with another value or interval of time. For example, saying, "I last went on vacation three years ago," would have no meaning if it weren't for the fact that we have a mental concept of how long a year is, and we can compare the two time periods, thereby attaching meaning to the statement. You may argue that a year by itself does have meaning, as it is the amount of time the earth takes to complete one revolution around the Sun, but to calculate that number involves the use of velocities, themselves dependent on time. Also, in the case of time dilation, time has meaning by comparing the ratio of the amount of time that has passed for one observer compared with the amount that has passed for another. The time intervals have no meaning when taken individually. Only when one looks at how many times greater one is than the other do they take on meaning. So the key problem with your theory is that you use relativity to validate it, yet you appeal to the concept of absolute time, disallowed by relativity. Your theory makes a claim about something that simply does not exist.

    Kuenmao is correct. I would suggest you make sure you actually understand the already established theories before you go making your own.
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    I second that.
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    Study the Einstein's relativity theories before replying. :mad:
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    Study Einstein's relativity theories before posting.
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    **** you!!!!!!!!!

    **** you!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    Do you plan on attempting to refute what I said, or are you going to continue to swear at me and declare I'm wrong? This is a forum for civilized debates about physics, not for acting like a three year old and blowing up at someone who disagrees with you. If you think that you can make a post on this forum and expect everyone to reply with glowing admiration, "My my, what a genius you are! Please, please tell us more!" then you're on the wrong website.
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