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Space and time travel with the mind

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  1. Jun 3, 2004 #1
    Recently, I went through a sort of "stage" where i wanted to disprove everything worth disproving, and we all know, if you move one card at the bottom of a stack, you change quite a bit. What i did was try to figure out the atomic theory structure. I wanted to see if it was right. I came up with the conclusion that it has to be missing something, to have as many flaws as it does. And in the process of doing that, i ran across an amazing discovery, it is yet to be tested, to even be true or not, i have absolutely no mathematics to it, i myself am no mathematician, but i have a good understanding in physics. I belive i have figured out how to time travel with the mind inside you. Now, if you dont belive in the spiritual dimension, turn away now, because this theory revolves around the belief that there is one. And i dont want anyone getting "angry" because i belive something they do not, that is pure ignorance. Ok, i was trying to figure out where the connection of the physical and spiritual worlds were. It is obviously there, somewhere, because our spirit is able to control our physical body and yet be a "spirit" at the same time. This means that is connected to the physical world through a hole structure and not a solid structure. Put it this way, if you take a crochet blanket: the holes will represent inol energy (i will explain inol energy in a minute) and the solid lines represent the physical and spiritual worlds. the inol energy, in the crochet blanket, works in small groups and not as one whole, so if you were to try and control them in this state, you could only control one at a time. While on the other hand, if they were like a comforter blanket, it acts as a whole and you could control them all as one large group of inol energy. Now, let me explain what inol energy is exactly. I was trying to understand the atomic structure, but it just didn't fit right with me. Negative and positive charges, attraction and repulsion, they just didnt mix together. I discovered that without some force to push the electrons away from the protons it would cause a catostrophic end of the atomic structure, and i didn't want to see that. Some people tell me that it is the force of the electron's high speeds that holds it away from the proton. That is false, electrons can not move that quickly without causing a constant electrical disturbance, and from what i can see, i dont get electricuted constantly, do you? I didn't think so. I aggree, the electrons move relatively fast, but not fast enough to overcome the laws of electrical forces. Yea, it's a simple idea, but if they were even able to move fast enough to keep from falling into the atom, well they would end up colliding with each other and we would see little electrical "pops" in mid air all the time, but we dont. So i thought id try and fix the problem. My solution said that electrons have negative charges (which we already know) and that all negative electrical charges ONLY repel, never attract. Well that goes completely against what i was taught in high school. So i had to fix that as well; i belive i have. I included the inol force, from inol energy. Inol energy has no time or particle intervention. Basically the element of time travel. In ANY electrical charge or force, which ever direction the inol energy is flowing is also where the electrical forces flow. Now this force is powerful enough to overcome electrical forces. Even though electrons always repel, they can be held together by a much stronger force, like the inol energy. And da da da etc. And you have electricity, ionic bonds, and all of that fun stuff. But it does go further. Electrons are everywhere, they make up the basics of our universe. I have reason to believe that the spirit is connected throught he brain. Here is one reason why i say that: during the medievil ages, when they cut people's head off, the head was still "alive and active" for at least ten seconds. So, without the rest of the bodily organs, what do you have left? the brain. And they brain is always giving off electrical charges isnt it? Inol energy is also what holds dimensions together. But before you can understand that, you must realize that dimensions are not parallel. Instead they lay inside one another, connected and yet disconnected in various places. Here's an almost exact analogy: your body, and your spirit. If the electrical pulses in your brain stop, you spirit is no longer connected to the physical body, and you "die". But then there is the idea that a ghost/spirit usually has most of it's body parts (personally i think it is all a mind thing, most evcerything is. The mind has quite a bit of power. If you cant picture yourself or "cant remember" having a head when it is cut off in the physical world, then you wonr have one. But if you cant picture it not being there, then you will have it. It is also controlled by what other peopel belive, the ghost/spirit itself may actually have a head, but if yor thoughts wont allow you to see that, it will make up a new picture using the signitures sent off from the spirit.) So, anyways, all dimensions lay inside each other just like the spirit lays inside our body. Well, that completley leaves out hyperspace..or does it? Hyperspace is just as much an object as space itself is (the aether). And i belive the hyperspace is actually inol energy. They are one-in-the-same. So, with that in mind, we have slready said in past documents that hyperspace itself has no particle or time intervention, because it is "empty" of both, but it is an energy, simple energy with a force. And this hyperspace is connected and disconnected to all dimensions in various places. Which allows for multiple spirits, like ourselves. Now, to realize the facts: inol energy/hyperspace has no time or particle intervention but does have a force. our spirit is connected thrught he brain. The brain sends out electrical pulses CONSTANTLY until it is dead. Thus inol energy exists in the brain, and also all other parts of the body. So, if you can astral project, and take your entire body with you, that means use the inol energy within your entire body, and surround yourself in inol energy, then you will be time traveling. The only tough part is geting back to where you want to go. Our mind is very powerful, and one thought can send you back to the ice age, literally. So, NEVER TRY THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE A COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF IT (how to leave and how to come back). Imagine the possabilities. That is my idea of time travel with the mind, feel free to send comments and questions. I do have one correction to make on this theory. I have "murged" my theory with a friend of mine's theory, called jellotivity. (before you read mine, please read his, it should be on the forums here somewhere). Anyways, the idea of inol energy being an energy at all, is irrelevant. Instead, it is "jello" as explained in kama's theory of jellotivity. you may be able to see yourself in the future, or you might "be" yourself in the future. and someone once told me that once you astral project all of your lost memories should come back. i really want that, because i can't remember anything before the age 11 and i'm 17 right now. so yea, i kinda want to astral project. i think you would ahve to be specifically searching for otehr intities that are also astral projecting to be able to see them. but i think there are alot of possibilities with astral projection. but what they usually do with that is only taking the spirit out of the physical body and then moving it to toerh places...what i was talkign about was moving the physical body and the spirit to hyperspace, which is the inol jello (i need to make one more corection about the inol jello as well. it is a sticky-like jello. because it also holds dimensions toegether. you put one glass plate on another, they'll slide off, but you put two glass plates together and put some sticky substance they'll kinda stay together. but you also need to realize, for inol jello to be "acsessable through the mind or any other part of the uiverse at all, there would ahve to be holes. so, here is an analogy: take your hands and cross your fingers together like you're about to pray. now hold them out strait but the fingers still inbetween each other. that's exactly how dimensions act. and you notice, they are not quite one whole yet, there are cracks. inbetween the cracks is inol jello. anywhere there is an electrical force there is inol jello. because for some reason electricity is able to jump between dimensions, like your brain having those electrical pulses and that is why your spirit and body are able to connect. also, if any two things ever occupy the same space, if they are in the same dimension, they will become one, and basically do as if you melted two metals together, they would exist in each others pores. so, you can travel to any place, any time, any where, in any dimension, with just using your mind.
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