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Space and time travel

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    Hello friends,
    Just some weeks before i read an article in a sci-tech magazine, which relates time travel and the black hole. The article said (although it looked quite absurd) that if one travels in a black hole, then he will reach in another part of the world, and if he goes with a speed nearly the speed of light, then he will reach in another part of the world as well as he willl travel time.
    (I know it sounds funny)
    But is this true
    best regards,
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    This is about a SPINNING black hole. Such BH's generate what is called the Kerr metric of spacetime. If you followed just the right path through such a spacetime, you could exploit the tilting of lightcones to travel back in time. Or it has been asserted that if you follow a different path into the black hole you will wind up "someplace else" - nobody knows where.
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    Sometime ago I compiled parts from various sources covering that subject. Click the various links to find more information. Keeps you busy for a while. :wink:

    Black Holes, Singularities & Wormholes.
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    Thanks Madice this information was quiet interesting, and it proved to be quiet factual. but still can you explain a bit more of that wormhole phenomena. And can you please explain to me that are there some kinds of 'White holes' too.
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