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Space *and* Time warp in immense gravity

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    This question is inspired by the movie Interstellar but asks a basic question about relativity. Everyone talks about gravitational time dilation but I am wondering if gravity has an effect on space as well, after all it bends space time. I have not found a lot of information on length contraction in the context of gravity (velocity, yes, but not gravity). If we were to look at a clock on a planet with a very strong gravity, we would see time move extremely slow but would we also see the clock stretched/contracted? Also, would light "appear" to travel faster/slower on this planet when externally observed?
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    Yes, it does.


    I'm not sure though, if the Shapiro delay refers only the effect of gravitational dilation (as wiki says), or to the combined effect including spatial geometry.
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    The formula given on the Wiki page includes both. The factor of ##\left( 1 + \gamma \right)## is the key (where ##\gamma## is one of the PPN parameters); it's the same factor that appears in the formula for light bending by a massive body like the Sun, which takes into account both time and space curvature.
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