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Space and Time! Why are they considered interwoven?

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    So it kind of donned on me that a lot of people think space and time are concepts that are dependent on one another when they appear not. I say this because to me, it seems that if something didn't move, time would not exist but space always exists. The space that an object can occupy will always exist whether the object reaches there or not. And so time to me, only exists if motion exists. So shouldn't time be more associated with motion rather than with space??
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    Welcome to PF Daniel, unfortunately this is where new members introduce themselves. If you have questions, please find the appropriate forum, and ask your question there, posting the appropriate source where your question came from.

    Please be sure to read our rules, we do not allow personal theories, but perhaps you are just confused and mean to ask a question.

    Thank you. :smile:
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