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Space and time

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    I have no idea about it,

    as my understanding,that Mr.Einstein depicted that what actually happening in space are above on a plane and flat Space-time fabric.Is this telling us that the earth around is nothing ?What i trying to say is the surrounding of a mass might not exist only a plane of space-time fabric but is totally covered the earth itself .just like a ball inside a box,and the volume of box is infinite as space(space and time) mean we are not living on a flat space but contented in whole of it. would it be???:bugeye:
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    I find it difficult to understand your questions.

    In general relativity there is a distinction between vacuum solutions, which represent spacetime where there is no matter, but this spacetime may be curved by the presence of matter elsewhere.
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    ya,i was talking abt this ,by the way what was illustrate as u can watching on youtube are in flat and plane.

    what i was stated that the bent of the spacetime should like this
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