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Space and time

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    So we know that there can be no space without time but can there be time without space? I want to ask here because I don't trust yahoo answers :)

    I put it in bold because I want to know if it's possible, not if it's likely or anything, just if it could be possible,

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    Wikipedia gives the following broad definition for time.measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future.

    Without space, more important without energy, what events could there be?
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    I like the possibly more pity "without time everything would happen at the same time, without space everything would happen at the same spot". :w Energy is a measure of the states that a system can reach in phase space, the configurations it (can) cycle through, so it may make sense without space.

    If string theory is correct, spacetime drops out of its physics. The physics happens in a configuration space, but it _will_ lead to spacetime at places (because it did). My opinion would be that the question "there can be no space without time but can there be time without space" doesn't make much sense re the physics.
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    This isn't something that can be answered by science since our understanding of time and space is that they don't exist separately. So under the current laws of science, no it isn't possible, but this doesn't exclude the possibility that our laws are not correct. Since we don't know if our laws are correct, and we don't know what future laws will be correct, there's simply no way to know.

    Also, since this is a very speculative topic, I'm going to close this thread. If anyone has any comments or concerns about this decision you can contact myself or another mentor.
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