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Space and Time

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    Does space and Time, on a quantum level commute?


    If one can produce a compactified version of GR on a Quantum scale, thus:LQG..SST..CFT..CDT.etc..etc, then one has to separate Space from Time, there has to be a Separation Function.

    On a quantum scale Space and Time have to have discrete separate functions, and would still have to commute, there can be no Uncertainty here, and a direct consequence of some model theories would have the implication of making 'Circles' out of Triangles!..if you are modelling with Loops..Triangles..or any Geometric, then there is no guarantee for the certainty needed, as a starting point.

    Example, a Quantum 'Circle' (space), in a separate Time frame would not conform to a Circle in GR, space-time, you could asign any geometric 'Square', and yeild the same results as if you were assigning a 'Circle', thus the Geometrics of Shapes..Volumes..breakdown. If one thinks of 'Vacuum Selection' in other models, then the Geometric-Selection problem is on a comparable scale.

    Fact in GR, you cannot reference from a point in Space to a point In Time, we reference from a point in Time (PRESENT), to a point in Space (PRESENT)they are fused. Simple example is the consequence of us being on Earth with respect to our Surrounding Galaxy. Further example, if one separates space from time, then a portion of a future-space, can be inserted into a Past-time, they would be entangled, you could theoretically, have a Geometric Path from one to the other.

    Quantumly, the wavefunction does not allow a Similtaneously function of position and linear momentum. But in Relativity, we cannot reference an absolute Time?..unless we FIRST reference an absolute Space.

    If we disregard our Galactic momentum, we can reference Time to our Galaxy, a perfect-time infact for all the observers within this Galaxy, within this Universe, I mean until we meet and greet other observers in other Galaxies, this should be our 'observational' starting point, logically speaking it allready is, but we do not give it (us..we..observers ),the special status by fact of default?

    If we disregard our Galactic Momentum, can we can have a perfect referenced Time, with respect to the Galaxy (local) within the Universe?

    GR maintains that we are insignificant with respect to our position inside the Universe, but philosophically, we are the only known Observers in existence, we are Unique from this respect, until we know with facts, we should adopt this positive outlook to further our understanding, we should use this certainty, to eleviate the the notions of our negative in-significance.
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