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Space in 2 liter bottle

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    An instructor of mine has challenged me to name the "empty" space in an unopened 2 liter bottle of soda. I believe it is a word that starts with the letter u and ends with the letter g. It may be a latin word. I am stumped, I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?
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    Close, but no cigar. The word you seek does indeed start with a "u" bit it does not end with a "g". It ends with "age". You might have better luck trying to find a word that means "unfilled space in a container of liquid".
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    Ullage. Do you think that is what he wants? He said soda or pop bottle. When i looked it up online "unfilled space in a container of liquid" the site talked about wine bottles. This is not for school. I am a 12 year old and he is my tae kwon do teacher. Do you think the pop bottle is the same as the wine bottle?
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    Do you think perhaps they should name every beverage's space? I think it makes more sense to have a general name, this is not Lapland and it is not snow. :smile: Ullage it is.
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    Thank you! I am glad to find this forum, because I have been searching for this word for months. When I give him the answer tonight, I will get a new question. Yikes! I don't know about Lapland.
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    Hehe thanks. :smile: Lapish I think has more words than any other language, probably because it has 14 words for a lot of things, light airy snow, icy snow, layered snow :smile:
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    Now I know two new things. Maybe I can stump him with your Lapland quote! Thanks again.
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    best of luck
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    really? i thought english had the most words, & then german. The inuit people in canada have something like 40 words for snow & 1 word for sex, people in southern california have 1 word for snow & 40 for sex. i don't know if that has anything to do with how many words english & inuktitut have altogether though. :tongue2:
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    That's not actually true its a bit of a myth. There are in fact an infinite number of words for eskimo words due to the nature of their language, any number suffixes can be added. Thus there are not 40 words for snow or car or bike, but a positively indistinct number for all of them.


    English has about a million words all told. I think IIRC Llapish has more derivatives of words, but English has the most base words.
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    That would be tolled, although I suppose a word that isn't told isn't a word.
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    I never noticed the distinction, perhaps because I never had to write it down very often, I presume because all told has as much meaning and sense as tolled.

    Ie one means all spoken, the other all accounted for, each a method of counting.

    Very ironic actually that you should say that, in this context it's just distinguishing phraseology and there is no real intent to insult. But I just went off on one in one area of the forum about grammarians, here it's merely posting, there it's pure spam, I think a lot of people do it to increase there post count, or inflate their ego and demean people or both.

    I wouldn't mind if I was ever going to learn English properly but it's clear to me, I never will :smile: despite my best efforts.

    Beside it was post 666 and I had to make it sufficiently evil and involve mention of hell and The Divine Comedy.
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