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Space laser equations

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    I need to figure out how to mathematically model via simulations a solar pump in space, or another type of laser that receives input from solar irradiation from the Sun. Amplifies it to the specified frequency i.e. 1064μm, and then transmits it to Earth.

    The problem is I'm just overwhelmed with the equations out there, and I don't know how to start.

    The book I took out from the library [Lalanne, J. Ducasse. & Kielich, S (1996). Laser molecule interaction. New York: Wiley] is so dense and heavy on the Mathematics, I'm just lost where to start.

    Any advice and hints how to get started with figuring out what equations I need.


    P.s. I'm not sure if the topic goes here in EE or general physics
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    I cannot think of how it would be possible to receive solar radiation, amplify it, and re-emit it. There is a method to convert the sun's radiant energy to electrical energy, however. That is the photovoltaic (PV) method. Since existing lasers convert electrical energy to optical energy it seems obvious that a solar photovoltaic panel in space, sized appropriately, could power a laser that would transmit its optical energy to earth.

    Just as an example, Here is a typical laser classified as Nd: YAG, emitting at a wavelength of 1064μm with average power output (>200Watts), the GYP200-01Y:

    http://www.bestcetc.com/category/laser.html [Broken]

    The power consumption is rated at 4kWatts. So, in order to use this laser, you’d need a PV array that outputs at least four thousand watts.
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    This field is specialist, only statistics you can find is in published article. It's not normal laser. There specialized for space based satellites, the one I have found from an IAC conference paper allows usage of 40kw lasers in a SPS which need to combined in a mother satellite for high power GW scale laser transfer.

    And I stated it utilizes a solar pump which has a large km size solar collector in space, with attached fibre optic from each block of solar array to a center.

    I need help on equations. The theory is sound, and my draft has been seen my supervisor. Either way I'm meeting with a PhD student in optics soon within the next 2-3 weeks, so if none of you can help me then it's okay.
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    Can you post links to some of the papers that deal with this? Thanks.
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