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Space Nuclear Conference 2007

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    Space Nuclear Conference 2007 (SNC '07)
    Embedded Topical Meeting at the 2007 ANS Annual Meeting
    June 24-28, 2007 • Boston, MA

    CFP will hopefully be out soon, and as time goes on there'll be more information on speakers and topics.

    I'll be there and hope to see a few PFers. :cool:
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    If I can manage to get into the NE graduate program here at Ohio State, I'll most likely be there!
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    Can anyone attend?
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    Yes. There is a fee associated with the conference, and it is usually on the order of $600-$800 for the entire conference.

    University students get sigificant discounts, and there are a limited number of jobs for students at the conference.

    If any NE student is interested, let me know and I'll find out more.
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    Call for papers - http://www3.inspi.ufl.edu/space07/ [Broken]

    Topic Areas:

    1. Mission Design for Manned and Unmanned Space Exploration

    2. Planetary (Moon, Mars) Surface Power Strategy and Design

    3. Concepts for Advanced Space Systems: Space Power and Propulsion and Surface Power Systems

    4. Power Conversion Design and Integration and Spacecraft Power Strategies

    5. Application of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion to Vision for Space Exploration Missions

    6. Core Neutronic Design and Analysis

    7. Nuclear Fuels Development

    8. Thermal Fluid Design Issues, Including: Thermal Fluid Physics, Computational Thermal Fluid Dynamics (CTFD), Zero-Gravity, Thermal Hydraulics

    9. Materials Assessments, Including: Requirements, Characterization, Structural Performance, Testing

    10. Dynamics, Instrumentation & Control, and Systems Engineering

    11. Component Development: Pumps, Radiators, Heat Exchangers, Electronics, Cabling

    12. Radiation Shielding and Protection, Including: Environment Definition, Transport Modeling and Simulation, Integration of Shielding Strategies with Power and Structure Designs, Dose and Risk Analysis

    13. Component Testing and Validation, Including: Validation of Behavior at Temperature and Over Lifetime

    14. Ground Testing of Full-Scale Systems

    15. In-Situ Resource Utilization for Surface Bases Including Power and Energy Requirements

    16. Systems Modeling and Simulation

    17. Human Interactions with Surface Power Systems, Including: Deployment, Operations, and Maintenance

    18. Space Nuclear Power Safety, Including: Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing, Benchmarks for Nuclear Analysis Software and Data, Materials and Systems Degradation Benchmarks, Lessons Learned

    19. Public and Stakeholder Interests Related to the Space Nuclear Program

    20. Space Nuclear Education
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    Conference site has been updated.

    http://www.inspi.ufl.edu/space07/index.html [Broken]

    http://www.inspi.ufl.edu/space07/program/index.html [Broken]

    I'll be there. :biggrin:
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    If this year's student price is anything like last year's (a whopping $80), then I will definitely be attending (now that I'm actually in the NE graduate program at Ohio State).
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    Hopefully, you're a student member of ANS. If so, consider participating in the Divisions and Technical Groups.




    and others
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