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Space Opera?

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    Space Opera??

    I just recently bought a book called LIGHT it's a space opera, well atleast that's what all the praisers on the back of the book call it.
    Is space opera some sort of genre because the book is really weird?
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    slang for a sub class of science fiction
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    A genre where galactic kingdoms fight wars with space ships zipping from star system to star sytem and bafflegab overcomes relativity. If this sounds a lot like Star Wars, well, you got that right.
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    Wasn't the term originally coined for Flash Gordon?
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    Sounds like a soap opera set in space. Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.
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    I believe the true origin was from "horse opera", slang for a western movie. Space operas were similarly shoot-em-ups, with death rays instead of six shooters, of course.

    In the pulps they predated Flash Gordon. Gordon's rival Buck Rogers actually debuted in a pulp story before being converted to a comic strip. In the 1920s-1930s pulps the great name for space opera was E. E. ("Doc") Smith. He had a Ph.D. in either Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, I believe. He wrote two great space opera series, the Skylark of Space books and the even better Lensmen series. They may still be in print.
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    I'd never heard the term "horse opera" before. I googled it and it seems to refer not just to westerns, but to a specific kind of western:

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