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A Space Radio Software

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    Hello Experts,

    This is @Shubham Jaydeokar, and today I'm going to post a question regarding a software named Space Radio.
    I have been working on my project of making a receiving setup for listening to the audio signals sent by ISS at 145.800MHz.
    According to AA2TX@amsat.org, Anthony Monteiro, I have built a circuit which contains a dual balanced mixer oscillator and a digital potentiometer.
    But the real and most important problem with this project is that, it requires a tuning software named Space Radio.
    This software is used for tuning the circuit at a specific resonant frequency, in this case 145.800MHz.
    I have been searching everything on the internet for this software but I have got nothing appreciable.
    Can anyone from Physics Forums provide me the software link, so that I can download it on my desktop.
    If this isn't the case, then can anyone tell me the alternative software for my specific application?

    Your Help would be kindly appreciated.

    ~Shubham JDK
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    seriously ??

    your answer is on page 2 of that link you posted

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