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Space Ships faster than light.

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    Dear Michio Kaku.

    I wanted to ask a question about traveling in space with a space ship.

    If a space craft emits a dense electron field around itself extended
    out to space in all directions from the craft, Wouldn't this electron
    force field (Electrons themselves) allow the material of the space
    craft to not absorb energy to the ship itself, (If a system cannot
    absorb energy then it cannot expand).

    All materials act as antennas if they are moving through space, The
    antenna in motion would collect energy and expand until it can no
    longer expand as a single material.

    If that antenna had an electron force field around it dense enough to
    absorb incoming energy while in motion then the electron field would
    expand but the antenna should change little in mass.

    This above question relates to only Electron fields and not
    Electromagnetic fields radiated from electrons.

    Gerald L. Blakley
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    Mr. Blakley, I do not believe Dr. Kaku ever checks this site, and I don't know how to reach him.
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    Dr. Kaku has amazingly written to some of us over the years, including onthecuttingedge yet he never shows up at the forums. Only once-in-a-blue-moon chats. :grumpy:
    He's a fast typist but I guess too busy for forums.
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