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Space standards

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    Hi everyone.
    I have a homework about the standard tests and procedures of qualification of a radiation detector that have to completed before it sent to space.
    Please help me about that topic asap.
    Thank you so much.
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    Re: Space standarts

    Tell us what you have found so far in your research. We certainly do not do your homework for you here on the PF.
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    Re: Space standarts

    You are completely right.
    For a couple of days i was searching in the librarys but there exist only nothing.On the other hand,i think i got something on the web.On that following page,http://www.ecss.nl/ there exist some standards but it is really complicated.I do not have an advanced experience on that topic but,some points are such as total ionizing dose and non-ionizing dose and also the simulation programs like Omere,Fastrad for a derived quantity.
    But what i mean is basicly,if someone produces a device and if it will be used in a space mission or something like a space craft,what are the procedures of applying it.What kind of tests and what are other procedures that the inventor have to complete?
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