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News Space station

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    incase anyone cares. The bump in the night that the crew of the International space station heard was that of a leak, between pods. There will be a "BOOOM!!!" if you know what I mean. I guess kind of like Apollo 13.
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    Sunspot Groups 484 & 486

    A year ago, we were warned;
    Its not hard to see what’s going on here. Sunspot Groups 484 and 486 are blasting Earth and the poor ISS;
    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=624&ncid=624&e=1&u=/ap/20031127/ap_on_sc/russia_space_noise [Broken]
    Oh Gee, the Mars Instruments fail once more (C’mon NASA. Stop treating the public like idiots!)
    http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2003/12nov_haywire.htm?list754076 [Broken]

    In New Scientist (1 November 2003 edition) there is an article on Page 4 entitled “Would You Boldly Go?”;
    “Being an astronaut on the space station just got riskier. Sensors that monitor air and water quality as well as radiation levels have been broken for a number of months. And systems that monitor the crew’s vital signs have been producing irregular data.
    Yet NASA’s latest mission to the space station was approved despite the concerns of two of its medical experts about the “the continued degradation” of equipment, according to the minutes of a meeting at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

    In September, two NASA medical experts refused to sign flight certificates authorising the mission. …”

    That’s just for starters. I won’t even bother posting my conversations with Dr. SOHO. I'd be worried if I was up on the ISS.
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    i think the real future in space exploration lies in multinational agencies. there's some collaboration now, but if more countries contributed to a single program, think how much more funding they'd have! funding seems to be the main problem now, as nasa's budget along with every other program is shrinking. many many many accidents could be avoided if they had the necessary funds to keep instruments and equipment well-maintained.

    the public will more than likely call for an end to nasa if there's another catastrophy. that's not the answer though, our future lies in space.
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