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    • Conference on Thermophysics in Microgravity
    • Conference on Commercial/Civil Next Generation Space Transportation
    • 22nd Symposium on Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion
    • Conference on Human/Robotic Technology and the National Vision for Space Exploration
    • 3rd Symposium on Space Colonization
    • 2nd Symposium on New Frontiers and Future Concepts

    February 13-17, 2005, Abluquerque, NM

    http://www.unm.edu/~isnps/staif/ [Broken] (STAIF) is a major international technical forum hosting six concurrent conferences is organized by the University of New Mexico's Institute for Space and Nuclear Power Studies (UNM-ISNPS). This forum promotes international participation and provides for a timely exchange of information among technologists, academicians, industrialists, and program managers on technical and programmatic issues related to inexpensive access to space and space commercialization, exploration, and the potential for performing scientific research and developing new technologies. STAIF is highly attended by high-level representatives from industry, government agencies, and institutes of higher education, both nationally and internationally and co-sponsored by several professional engineering societies.

    Proceedings of STAIF-2005 will be published by the American Institute of Physics. Meeting registration fee includes a copy of the proceedings on CD-ROM. A hardcover printed version will also be available to attendees at a discount during the conference.
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    Hi Astronuc,

    Thank you for sharing the info. I am sure I will be impressed by the "collective IQ" of people attending during these coferences. Anyway, sounds like a lot FUN!

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