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I Space-time and the Klein bottle

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    If space-time is curved like a klein bottle, is it theoretically possible that events could loop back in time ? :wink:
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    That is a big "if". Assuming it is like a Klein bottle, then it will loop back in every dimension. I wouldn't think too hard about it till there is some evidence.
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    Well in principle there could be a time loop just by having more time dimensions than one.
    No need for anything as complicated as a Klein bottle topology.
    However in reality we only observe one dimension of time and there is no reason to suspect more.
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    This is not necessary; there are spacetimes with the usual metric signature (one timelike and three spacelike dimensions) which have closed timelike curves. The Godel spacetime is one; the deep interior (inside the inner horizon) of Kerr spacetime is another.
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    Thanks, I suspected this could be the case, I'll look into the examples you mentioned.
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