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Space Time Fabric limit?

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    Space Time "Fabric" limit?

    Has a study ever been conducted on the limit of mass that can exist at ant one point in space time?

    i.e.; Could the fabric of space time reach a breaking point with enough mass concentrated on a very small area?
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    Re: Space Time "Fabric" limit?

    "Fabric"? Is spacetime permanent press? If you toss spacetime in the dryer for too long does it shrink?

    I think you'll need to pose your question in a more quantitative way before it makes sense.
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    Re: Space Time "Fabric" limit?

    You mean like the way spacetime is "broken" inside the event horizon of a black hole? Or all of spacetime being "broken"? Or something different?
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    Re: Space Time "Fabric" limit?

    Einstein quote:
    "Space-time does not claim existence in its own right, but only as a structural quality of the [gravitational] field".
    And since the field does not er... break....
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