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Space/time fabric

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    Can we say that non-linear fabric of space/time (n_Dim fabric that is curved toward n+1_Dim)
    is an anti-entropic zone?

    And if so, can we understand life phenomena as an anti-entropic zone that can duplicate itself?
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    My hypothesis is that thermodynamic entropy is actually the recombinative effects of quantum-phase entanglement in the thermodynamic direction/arrow of time.

    This is also known as Shannon entropy:


    Time is a process of flux. Flux is the rate that that a
    quantity passes through a fixed axis or boundary. Resonate fluxing via position/momentum quantized feedback oscillations. Universal Resonance.

    (ict)^2 + (ct)^2 = 0



    f{f[f(z)]} ... f_0{...[f_n]}

    1. With a little earnest thought, one realizes that the concept of randomness is logically absurd.

    2. The laws of physics are time independent. They hold for all frames of reference.

    3. Also, even if ...physical randomness is true, physical randomness would not exist without time, or "change" - from one state to the next.

    4. If the physical laws are time independent then the physical laws, by definition, did not arise "randomly".

    5. The laws of physics are a set of organizing principles.

    6. The only true example we have of an organizing principle is that of a "MIND"

    7. The universe came from a MIND.
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    a) Anti-entropic zone is related to infinitely many things, where the base principle is the optimal conditions to create order out of disorder.

    b) Form general point of view, life is based on (a) and I think that places where many levels of internal fractal-like curved space/time are found, are maybe the zones where complexity can be flourished out of simplicity.

    In this multi-leveled fractal-like curved space/time zones, there is a good chance to find a rich enough chemistry, which can be used as an optimal environment for life phenomena development.

    If we measure the life phenomena lost of energy by insufficient heat, we find that at this stage, it creates more disorder then order.

    But we cannot ignore the fact that it is really can create a temporary zones of order out of disorder, and then duplicate them and make them more and more complex, during the evolution process.
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