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I Space-time question

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    I have a thought that has been bugging me for a while. I know that Einstein's theory about the universe says we are all living in a 4 dimensional universe (the space-time fabric), but what if every fundamental particle in the universe has its own space-time. As if there are as many space-time fabrics as there are fundamental particles. Is that absurd? I've also made an image to help you better understand what I mean.

    A - the current vision of the universe
    B - my vision

    link to the image in full res http://seenax.com/images/physics.gif
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    It unnecessarily complicates things since you would then have to develop laws to explain how each spacetime interacts with the others such that all particles are capable of interacting with each other. You'd probably just end up with a complicated theory that explains nothing beyond what we already know.

    Since this thread isn't about an accepted theory, discussing it further would be a violation of PF rules, so I'm going to have to close it.

    Thread locked.
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