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Space/time/velocity experiment

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    Many, many years ago when I was trying to understand the space/time connection, I had problems with this idea because of the way I used time references on a day to day basis. So here's what ended up doing to make the transition from thinking about normal time to thinking about space/time relativity.

    First of all, this experiment does not use any form of matter or mass, but energy/volume. I used two constants;

    1) constant time of one second.
    2) constant velocity of c.

    1st, I drew a circle. Then, using the fixed constants, I sent a beam of light around the circle one time. The trip took one second traveling at c.

    2nd, I then doubled the radius of the circle. Again, I sent a beam of light around the larger circle one time. Again, the trip took one second traveling at c.

    I continued doing this procedure using any radius I wished. The trip would always take one second traveling at c.

    This helped me better understand how time slows down as the velocity increases for mass, as well as some other aspects of GR.

    Although this may be common knowledge to some of you. It may help someone thats confussed about this matter just as I once was.

    I hope someone will point out any errors in my way of thinking.
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    Hold on a minute! After reviewing my post, I realized I didn't explain it very well. I'll make some enhancements shortly. Sorry
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