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Space time

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    It is my understanding, that space time is expanding, and that
    gravitationally bound bodies will stay unaffected by this expansion
    while unbound bodies will.
    but is gravity the only force that can overcome this effect?
    could magnetic or electro static forces hold bodies in station?
    I do not propose this as an alternative theory, rather i want to
    know if the mentioned forces grow with ST
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    What you are really asking is,what is the Cosmic Scale Factor for Gravitational Energies?

    Try here:http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/dualboard/messages9/3.html [Broken]

    its a old posting (about 16 months ago) , that happens to have some far reaching insights contained.
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    Great link Olias

    I hope some will comment on the thought process that was detailed.

    It seems valid for our converstaion in strings/lqg thread in regards to smolin
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    L is not that clearly identified as torque as in my G = xy, but in g of equation (1) we have Lc^2 r/3 so that L is just throwing in r* factor essentially and the whole g composite looks like a "vacuum energy" torque. Regarding L as a force, on the other hand, then we have a torque (admittedly with a rather unusual force arm) and from the r" equation the g term eventually dominates in r". r" is like a force without a mass in the Newtonian "ma" force picture, but I suppose that L contributes its own "mass"
    I have had some difficulty digesting this, I have read the article several times
    now and i think i understand, but because i have only just climbed out of my
    tree a little more insight would be appreciated.
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