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News Space wars

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    It seems GWB has given green signal to US Air Force to develop space weapons. Is it really true and is it going to trigger an arms race. What are the other countries doing? I dont think UN would be of much help!!! :rofl:
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    I never thought Osama bin Laden had the wits to hide in the Kuiper Belt.
    Go get him, US!
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    I think it is one of the most sensible decisions of the Bush administration. Osama is not the only enemy of the US. I would contend that Russia and particularly China are still pose a substantial threat.
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    How about a link?
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    Looks interesting, and a little expensive. I guess it would still be a lot cheaper to use the US's existing air bases to launch conventional attacks.
    I did not see anything about the green light chound mentioned.
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    Show me the Money

    Show me the money and tell me where it is coming from. Why are we spending money on this, if we are planning on closing down Military Bases in the North East to save money? Why are we wasting money on research, while other government programs are being cut? Why are we going into debt on this project, while we can't even expand the military school for the Special forces? Why are we wasting money having grandfathers drive mine ridden roads in Iraq, when we can't train more Special Forces to drive the trucks, because we are spending money on this space program that may not even work the way we want them to. Remember computers only do what we tell them to do. Not what we want them to do.
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    The link is impossible to provide as no such approval has been given. The decision will be made soon and hopefully will be one of approval.

    It is always incumbent upon the military to research means of defending the nation.

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    This is an audio file also see Http://www.kjonline[/URL] [Broken] for stories during the past week.
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    http://www.mpbn.net/radio/ondemand/mainethings.html [Broken]

    This was posted last Thursday on the 25th of may and will be taken down next thursday.
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    Also research aticles in Boston area newspapers online and the Middlesex news when the Natick soliders system research lab was on that closure list before it was taken off.
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    After World War I, there was a similar debate. The difference was that the post-WWI debate was about the proper role of airpower and this debate is about the proper role of space power. Denying the development of space warfare technology would be the equivalent of court-martialing Billy Mitchell. One of the things that landed Mitchell in hot water was his contention that naval power was obsolete - something he tried to show during his demonstrations of aerial bombardment of naval ships over 15 years before the Japanese gave us a more convincing demonstration of the impact of air power. Not taking the lead in space, in all of its aspects, doesn't prevent technology and tactics from developing - it just concedes the lead to someone else.
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