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Space ?

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    This may be a dumb question . My friend asked me is there a place in space where there is no energy .And then he said
    is there a place in space where you can't see any stars . Do gravitational fields have energy densities .
    So is there a place in space that has no energy ?
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    You can't test whether or not a region is devoid of energy. As soon as you measure something, you add energy to it. If you can't test a theory, it's not scientific.
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    If I am observing a star through a telescope, how am I adding energy to that star?
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    if you think about the size of your eye's iris, and the amount of starlight that enters it on a cloudless night, then think that some star light (energy) is also passing through just about every millimeter of space. Space isn't at absolute zero either.
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    You're definitely interacting with the star when the light hits your eye. Maybe I'm playing fast and loose, equating "space" with "system".

    If you're taking a measuring on a region of space (and not a system of particles), you have the additional difficulty that your measurement must be made instantaneously. By naming spacial bounding box for a region in your coordinate system, you can specify what "space" you're talking about. But an instant later, it's unclear whether or not the same bounding box refers to the "same space".
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    so then energy is everywhere.
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    If energy is everywhere , and space is expanding , then where does this energy come from to fill the void .
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