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Spaceframe chassis project

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    I have about 60 12' lengths of 1.5" by 1.5" square steel tubing, and I would like to create a car chassis with it. The design I have come up with so far has a transverse rear mounted engine, and a central seating position with 3 seats behind the driver (1+3). I have posted some pictures of my design in the discussion thread I have linked to this post. Any advice with my project, improvements that could be made to my chassis design, or concerns regarding my design would be appreciated. http://hooniverse.com/2015/07/15/last-call-its-a-family-affair-edition/#disqus_thread
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Your link takes me to a very strange and spammy place. Can you just upload your design to this PF thread instead please?

    Also, 1.5" is way to thin for a vehicle frame -- are you going to weld several pieces together to make a full-size I-Beam section?
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    As said on the page you linked, you need a lot more triangulation. You might also need more tubing - this site has plans and a cuts list that uses 100'.

    Then you would have an I-beam chassis not a spaceframe. 1" square 16 gauge is plenty.
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    upload_2015-7-18_9-27-57.png upload_2015-7-18_9-28-39.png
    upload_2015-7-18_9-27-57.png upload_2015-7-18_9-28-39.png upload_2015-7-18_9-29-33.png upload_2015-7-18_9-29-58.png
    New chassis pics.
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    You need to ditch the roof, it will never be strong enough to provide any protection and uses too much tube.
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    Cadillac built a 4 liter v8 transverse mounted engine , I always thought that would make a great mid engine car .
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    Start in a different place .

    Estimate magnitude and direction of all forces acting on chassis when vehicle is moving . Many cases but choose a representative one .

    Draw a space diagram of these forces .

    Design space frame chassis of adequate strength to carry these forces .

    There are usually some forces much larger than others . Start with these and as far as possible if a force acts on a line from A to B then design in frame piece(s) on same line A to B . Force is then carried directly and in a weight efficient manner .

    Consider practicality of access for personel , assembly and maintenance .

    The above is much simplified . In a real design for minimum weight many more things are taken into account .

    For your purpose perhaps try doing some of the above on an intuitive basis - attempt to visualise the forces acting and then design a chassis to carry these forces effectively .
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