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SpaceMan Adventures v5

  1. Feb 13, 2012 #1
    Its just a game i put together. (0) ::Any suggestions to how can I make this game better?

    (1) :: Also, the game flickers all the time, how can I fix it?

    Game.exe (with all required drivers)

    Code.cpp (Turbo Compiler Code)

    (2) :: I have used some seriously outdated BGI graphics, how can i use the new graphics?

    (3) :: Since this is a Dos program, how can I make it run in Vista and 7, without using DosBox? A work around, or conversion will do.

    Some Instructions for the Game: "Standard W-A-S-D, X for retreating, O for shields, P for pause. Use difficulty 10 or pro mode for a challenge. Extract the .zip file and play!"
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