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Spaceport maximum and minimum inclination?

  1. Feb 29, 2012 #1
    (I'm not sure if this would be a 'school-type' question... it's definitively not for any kind of homework, so I'm posting it here, please relocate if appropiate)

    I've recently learnt that spaceports have a maximum and minimum launch inclination, and that minimum inclination corresponds to the spaceport geographical latitude. But I'm not really grasping the concept, and after I've searched a lot in the Internet and wherever, I haven't found any explanation. So I'm asking it here.

    1. Why do spaceports have a maximum or minimum inclination?
    2. I assume that certain launchs' target orbit is way lower than the minimum inclination (for example, equatorial launches from Baikonur). How do they do this? Extra thrust or what?
    3. If so, could you launch a spacecraft from Baikonur, another one from Plesetsk (let's say both at 62º), rendezvous them in orbit, then move them to a low-inclination interplanetary injection orbit?

    And how is this calculated? :-p

    Thank you in advance! (I know I'm asking a lot of questions here, but I'd love to know how this works!)
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