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Spaceships with false gravity

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    I imagine gyros in spaceships would make it easier to survive longterm in space. Maybe spaceships should have fins, like fishes.

    Can't we make organisms fit on the average planet by using gyros?
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    Creating false gravity is relatively simple, in principle. Jusy spin it - centrifugal force will do it.
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    Or you could give the spacecraft a constant acceleration. The con is, you'll need alot of fuel. Centri-fugal/pedal inertial effects it is then!

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    Ion propulsion: low acceleration, long duration. We just need to scale it up by - oh, 5 orders of magnitude or so.
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    How about this then, spaceships with capilare wings to feed the Ion propulsion engine (or am I wrong?) and adjusteable centripetalforce.
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    The flapping of the wings on the ship might be in harmony with the gyro or the spinning wheel the passengers are inside.

    Also, a magnified and inhanced neutrinoflow partly from the fussion facility might help.
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