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Spacetime and temperature of the foggoid

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    1.The current of the non-present time gfm and the change of spacetime
    Gravitational field matter (gfm) is the carrier of the spacetime point.
    Hence the current of the non-present time gfm brings with it the change in or of spacetime.

    2.Time dilation in the experiment
    In the antigravitation engine experiment, the imaginary particles of the rotation part in the antigravitational field will become foggoid and hence will result in the time dilation.
    It can be seen in the last graph in Chapter 4 of the Antigravitation Engine Site that, compared to the wave crests, the emergence time of the data (dots) where the boat moves slower (e.g. the data (dots) {0.005,23} and {0.009,34}) gradually lags behind, showing the phenomenon of time dilation.

    3.Time dilation and temperature of the foggoid
    The uncertainty in motion of the particles of the foggoid causes time dilation and also increases the entropy and hence increase the temperature of the foggoid.

    For more information, please see Chapter 6 of the Antigravitation Egine Site (http://xczhx.nease.net/indexEnglish.htm [Broken]).
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