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Spacetime crystal?

  1. Oct 3, 2012 #1
    So, I read an article yesterday about a potential design for a spacetime crystal. The idea behind a spacetime crystal/4-dimensional crystal is pretty interesting and I'm curious to know what others think about them/this.


    I think I understand how a spacetime crystal is theoretically possible and could survive the heat death of the universe..but as the discovery.com article said, you would need to design a lab capable of sustaining the crystal that could also outlast the universe lol. It's an interesting idea...thoughts?

    (sorry if this is the incorrect forum for this thread)
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    That's crazy!
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    Looks somewhat similar to the toroidal EM vortices found in the cores of neutron stars. And yes, those vortices might last eternally. No laboratory needed.
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    I see it as a purely theoretical exercise, impossible to realize. A crystal with all of its ions in their lower energy state ? Eternally ? Surviving the heat death of the Universe ? What else ? Surviving also the next Big Bang?
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