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A Spacetime Engineering by Superposition of Gravitational Waves

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    I wanted to post the conjecture from this new paper which has recently been published within this past month - here's a direct link to the paper:


    Could an experimental apparatus consisting of oscillating masses be used to generate miniscule gravity waves which could be arranged in superposition to create a subtle FTL spacetime geometry, whose slight effects could be measured through an interferometer?

    So the idea would be to have some mass-oscillating experimental apparatus to create some miniscule gravitational waves in an experimentally controllable way. While the waves would be miniscule, Superposition Principle would still apply nevertheless, so that if the waves are suitably arranged, they might generate some subtle FTL spacetime geodesic geometry based on the theory from the conjecture quoted above, so that any tiny path-length difference effects could be measured by a very sensitive detector such as an interferometer.

    What do you all think? Anyone think this might be feasible?
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    On review by the moderators the cited source does not appear to be a peer-reviewed paper and is too speculative for discussion on PF. Thread will remain closed.
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