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Spackling over paint?

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    Like it says, I didn't do as hot a job on spackling the area of my hallway and you can see where the perimeter of a big rectangular patch of sheetrock is now that I have painted the wall!

    I thought that I blended it enough, but the patch and the wall just weren't flush enough.

    Can I spackle over the paint? Will it stick to latex paint? I should probably rough it up with some paper first.

    Anyone done this.
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    You probably should rough it a bit if you're going to re-compound that.

    Years ago, one of my friends did a crappy job patching sheetrock, and after he painted the wall, it looked like hell. Instead of leveling the patch, spackling, re-sanding, etc, he and his wife troweled a layer of joint compound on that wall, texturized the compound using a child's plastic toy garden rake, and painted that wall with a color that complemented the other walls in the room. It looked really nice. Patty didn't want him sanding the joint compound and filling her living room with fine dust again, and their compromise worked well.
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    Like Turbo-1 mentioned rough it up a bit before the redo. Did you sand it down the first time.?

    If sheetrock is patched along a joint line it is best to apply a coat of mud then sand, then apply a wider coat and sand again before painting. Feather out the edges of the patched area with fine sandpaper on a sanding block.

    In new construction the drywall compound is usually spread out to about 8 inches wide.

    Edit: One other little tip I learned a long time ago; run your hand over an area, if you can feel any bumps or unevenness it will show when the surface is painted.

    Do yourself a big favor and go to a home improvement center or hardware store and buy a drywall sanding screen.

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    Man, your wife really is making you work my friend. This is probably the 10th thread on how to repair your house. I predict the next one will be on how to remodel your kitchen because the one you have now wont match the new paint she picked out. And as we all know, that won't do.... :rofl:
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    :rofl: I'm not married! I live with my folks. And since they're nice enough to not charge me rent, I am doing some repairs while they are on vacation.
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