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Spaghetti bridge

  1. Aug 21, 2005 #1


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    the rules are as follows:
    70cm long
    200g heavy
    use anything to keep it together

    my preference:
    holds about 10-15 kgs (it can be done)

    spaghetti doesn't stretch or bend, cause it snaps, my dad thought of tube spaghetti (bucatini), one in the centre, and five round the outside, held with glue and make that long enough and wide enough...

    i figure that it won't work cause of the strain...

    my idea was more simple...

    lasagne sheets on the bottom, canneloni (fat tubes of spaghetti) up right the whole length of the bridge, and then lasagne sheets on top...theoretically it should be one of the best options cause it only involves the spaghetti being compressed, not stretched at any point...

    the previous record was about 17kg...if anyone can give me tips or ideas, please do...

    thank you!!

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