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Spanish Help

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    Could someone please edit this spanish composition I wrote:

    Does it make sense? Also am I using the reflexive verbs properly?

    Thanks :smile:
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    Only Johnson y Johnson makes sense to me, because my boy uses it.
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    It has to have reflexive verbs. Are all of the verbs I use or most of them reflexive?
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    I am not a Spaniard, but I can understand what you wrote. Very good Spanish language you used. :wink:
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    Hm, the story's kinda choppy. How many years of Spanish have you had? And a majority of your past tense verbs should be in the imperfect form. Let's see:

    Verbs to change to the imperfect:
    -enojaron -> enojaban, trabajó -> trabajaba, lucharon -> luchaban, and pelearon -> peleaban
    "fue estudiar" should be "estaba estudiando"
    Al principo -> Al principio
    Sin embargo, ahora los dos se cantaron cuentos. -This doesn't make much sense to me. Do you mean to say "Nevertheless, now the two tell each other stories?" If so, the present tense is needed.
    And is your last sentence supposed to read "Today, the two discuss better events."? Again, the present tense is needed, and the verb is "discutir," not "discutar." Also, the 'sobre' is not necessary.

    Nonetheless, a cute story and a general good grasp of the language, excluding the verb tense issue.
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    ok thanks a lot
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    Quite correct, but the correct version is this:

    El noviazgo de mis padres:
    Hace veinte años mis padres se encontraron en el MIT (Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusets). Mi padre fue a estudiar para un examen de física. Al principio, mis padres no se llevaron bien. Sin embargo, ahora los dos se cuentan cuentos. Usualmente se enojaron. Antes de mi nacimiento, mi madre no trabajó. Mi padre, sin embargo, trabajó para Johnson y Johnson. Ellos se besaron cuando los dos necesitaban felicidad. A veces los dos luchaban. Los dos se pelearon. Hoy los dos discutieron sobre eventos mejores.
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