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Spanking / Canada

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    Laws / Canada

    I recently heard. The person could have misheard what the news said but anyway. Apparently spanking is now or was but is now reknown to be legal in Canada for parents to spank children?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if this is true? If so what are everyone's thoughts. I think physical punishment on a child is the result of the parent being unintelligent or not calm enough to deal with the situation. Plus if you are hit by someone your aloud to hit them back in self defense. Whats going to happen when a parent things they are special and spanks a teenager. They'll end up getting in the hospital because their weight lifting jock of a kid beat them up in self defense.

    Thoughts? Maybe my Step-Dad didn't hear right. I hope thats the case. I believe non-violence is the true way to solve things and physical punishment just buries things.

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    They passed a law some time ago to forbid it. This was an attempt to overturn the law in the courts, but the Canadian Supreme Court wouldn't agree to overturn it.
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    DB perhaps you should have searched for what your refering to, prior to posting as what went on is simply an "Ajudication of Rights" child and parent/responcible party...It is not a simple thing to work out in words, and do you have a clue what people invent/makeup/figure out as to just how to get around the words that are used....='s massive amounts of red tape that we generate and create to try to exempt ourselves from that law....just that Justices, in courts, know/realize that the rules they make/follow/apply have to be for everyone...not just one person or satifactory for just one person....

    Please, show us how it's done...(Insert your word play to stop, distinguish, between 'justifiable punishment' and 'abuse'...watch how fast {God's Grace!} I can get around it)
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    Ah I see so your saying almost all laws have another law that contradicts with them? That makes sense.

    I'll take your advice though:

    Note to Self: Look up subject in further detail before posting. :smile:
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    More like Lower Courts trying to find a workable definition, circumstantially difficult when if must rule in all courts thereafter...hence it arrives as an issue of a more 'Supreme' importance and is ruled upon in that Court, hence ruled upon at to guide all courts...and people...
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