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Spark Gap

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    Does a spark gap increase the current in a circuit? My thinking is that the surrounding air is ionized and any "stripped" free electrons would add to the current.
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    The current that leaves a power source has to be the same as the current that returns to the power source.

    A spark gap normally acts as an infinite resistance and stops any current flowing.

    However, if the voltage is high enough, ionization occurs and the resistance of the air gap in the circuit is reduced.

    The only current flowing is still between the two outputs of the power supply. No extra current is added by the ionization, although the current now has a visible effect and it may produce sounds, giving the impression of a large current flowing.
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    http://pureenergysystems.com/os/EdGrayMotor/PM_PEM_MG/theory/spark/mechanism_electrical.htm" [Broken]
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    You are linking to a free energy perpetual motion site!
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    So what. The study I referenced was done by two professors of physics at Berkeley.
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    And subsequently misrepresented as being a potential source of free energy by crackpots on that site.
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    So what? Please re-read the PF rules (see the link at the top of the page). PMM and Free Energy discussions are not permitted here.
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