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Spatial Law (?)

  1. May 5, 2003 #1

    Spatial Law 101, a primer.

    If we assume that there is intelligent life out there, and that they too have, either, C speed travel, or FTL speed travel, between places, and that they are doing this, now, then we need accept a few simple facts of life, spatial life.

    If we were to go out into space aggressively, then we will probably be either un-met, or met with a simple challenge, of disarming, as to ensure that there is no infection of Barbarisms, in the Universe.

    Given that any peoples/race of beings that would have, presently, FTL or C speed travel, they would have mastered gravity and the workings thereof, hence we could know, before hand, that they, very clearly, could have done us in, years back, simply by steering an asteroid towards our planet, and allowing it to be smashed to smithereens!

    Hence we need to accept that travel into space IS NOT for the purpose of militarization of space, nor for the purpose of our ‘protection’ as it would not be that which we would be doing, we would be signalling that we are incapable of dealing with our own collective problems, and would therefore represent a danger to the rest of the possible/available life in the universe, if any other exists.

    Going out representing a danger places us squarely in the sights of possible asteroid attack, annihilation of the planets face (possibly ‘Body of the Rock’ too) and would ensure nothing less then our total and complete demise.

    Given this as premise, precept, of (early) Space Law,

    #1) Do you think we can follow such rules?

    #2) Is it a question of political will, or peoples choice?

    #3)Would you prefer that, we don’t develop such abilities, until we mature, a little more, towards each other, and develop peaceful means of problem resolutions?

    #4) Any other suggestions you would have, Insert…………
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