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Spatial Velocity

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    I'm having some trouble understanding the meaning of the trem "spatial velocity". I'm working on ECG and i need to understand what "spatial velocity" means. I have already read things about velocity and i'm thinking if spatial velocity is the same as "group velocity". Does anybody know if these terms refer to the same thing ?

    Thnk u..
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    Hi Al,

    I have the same doubt. I found this article ("http://www.iss.it/publ/anna/2003/2/392195.pdf") that specifies "P spatial velocity" as "the rate of change of the P wave voltage with respect to time". Because of that I believe the spatial velocity is the rate of change of the ECG wave with respect to time. If you have a wave being sampling (with samples 1, 2, 3, 4,... i-1, i, i+1, ..., n), with delta_time between the samples, the spatial velocity vector would be SV(i)=(ECG(i+1)-ECG(i-1))/(2*delta_time).
    I am not sure, but I believe it is something like that. If you already discovered please let me know.

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