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Computer Speaker Building

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    Hey folks,

    I fancy myself as a bit of an audiophile. I love listening. I have a high-end audio interface on my computer with one set of outputs going to a pair of KRK studio monitors and a studio sub, and the other set of outputs going to some Klipsch Promedia general listening speakers.

    In my living room I have a 5.1 surround sound system made out of matched driver Paradigm speakers. Two Monitor 7 v5s, two Monitor Atom v5s, and a CC-190 v5. I also have a Velodyne subwoofer.

    Even my in-ear monitors cost more than the iPod they're connected to.

    That being said, one frontier I've never crossed into is speaker building. I have some high-end stuff kicking around that has since been displaced by my newer equipment, and I'd love to experiment with speaker building. I'm sure I can make a crossover without any issue, but all I've ever built are shelves, racks, a TV stand, some speaker stands... I've never tried to make something as complicated as a speaker cabinet.

    Has anyone done anything like this? Just looking for some first hand experience.
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    I've never done anything like this and wouldn't be able to recognize quality audio if it was biting me.

    But I did hold in my hands once some old issues of Speaker Builder Magazine.
    Google for those three words and I think you will find people and resources at your level.
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    Thanks, I've read some online stuff... actually a LOT of online stuff. It's kind of depressing, though... it always follows the same format:
    1. Choose a driver or set of drivers - okay, check!
    2. Calculate the proper enclosure and port volumes to enhance deadband frequencies - yup, okay!
    3. Test the speaker using your amazingly expensive test-tone-CD/microphone system - uhhhhhhh?????
    4. Adjust your crossover and filters to improve the response - well, okay...
    5. Rerun the test with the microphone - grrrrrr!!!!!!
    6. If necessary...

    There's nothing out there for ultra-amateurs. I'm good with woodworking and I'm good at math and fabricating electronics... but putting it all together into something I'm not embarrassed by seems like an unlikely proposition.
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