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Speaker circuit

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    hi ..

    i am doing a poject for my college and .. i design the amplifier

    but when i connect to the speaker circuit ...of cource u konw it

    npn and pnp transistor ..

    the proplem is that i have to get to source on +ve and _ve

    is there any circuit that i can have the right signal
    with one cource

    i need a help over here so...

    i waiting ..

    this the circuit i need an alternative of the last part

    http://www.shbka.net/uploads/104012010156102734.jpg [Broken]

    my regards ..
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    Your message is not very clear. Some words seem to be missing. Could you please try posting it again.

    Try as hard as you can to write clearly and please check your spelling.
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    I think maybe you're asking how to convert this circuit to work with just a positive +Ve supply and ground, with no symmetrical -Ve supply?

    If so, just bias up the amp's output to half of +Ve. There are several ways to do this. Can you suggest at least two of the ways?
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    yeah .. some one told me to put the speaker between the two Emitter ..but when i did that there are no volt a cross the speaker terminal ..

    but can put the circuit here ...
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