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Speaker Questions

  1. Sep 23, 2007 #1
    Good day to all. I have some questions regarding speaker specifications:

    1. What does RATED POWER of the speaker mean?

    2. Why is the impedance of the speaker usually has a value of 4 ohms, 16 ohms etc, when speakers also contain inductors and capacitors in their drivers?

    3. What is the definition of speaker FREQUENCY RESPONSE and SENSITIVITY and the differences between them?

    I also would like to know:

    4. How are the channels separated in a speaker system (eg. stereo or 5.1) ?

    5. What are the essentials in designing a speaker(considering the power, voltage, volume-loudness, efficiency, etc.) and how to design?

    6.How is efficiency measured?

    Thanks a lot :smile:
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