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Speaking of cell phones

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I noticed recently that just before my cell phone rings I can hear a 100 Hz or so buzzing from the speaker of a certain radio alarm clock of mine. I have also seen this sort of thing take down factory systems when standing near unprotected control centers. I know one factory engineer that this caused no end of grief until they figured out what was happening.

    Not to perpetuate the EM health risk myths as this only involves the ringer circuit, but I find this a little amusing and worthy of mention.
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    it is even funnier if you put your mobile on the mouse cord, the pointer starts moving before receiveing a call...
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    my monitor shakes.
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    Yes, I can hear whenever someone receives a phone text message or call: my speakers will start beeping :tongue2: or when I was in the US calling home I would notice the same thing in the line :rolleyes:

    I guess they're running out of bandwiths?
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