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Speaking of the world cup

  1. Dec 13, 2005 #1
    Speaking of the world cup....

    This thread was inspired by the World Cup 2006 thread. So, a little background first: I have a very vague idea of how football is played, in the sense that I know what the overrall goal is and mostly know what the rules are. Yet, I am very interested in getting into this sport. I am a huge cricket fan, so I like national teams playing against each other more than domestic teams (basketball, baseball, and NFL in the US). So, here is my request to all those who know anything about world football...can you please tell me more?

    I know Brazil is a very strong team with Ronaldo and a few other R's (i saw the last world cup match), but I want to know the specifics. Which teams are good, and why? Which teams are explosive offensively, and which teams defend like no tommorow? Is Germany sort of the dark horse in World Football? Is Ballack the only good player on Germany? Basically, give me a gist of what world football is like...

    Thanks folks! Hope I can watch some of the games during the summer..
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    Defensive??? Italy are legendary.They are good attackers tho(pirlo,totti, toni)
    Offense??? Brazil,Portugal,Holland
    The Germans were legendary but they aint that great now.Probably quater finals.Spain and England have good teams but they choke( im rooting for England btw) .
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    Brazil are incredible going forward with players like ronaldinho, ronaldo and robinho but they tend to be found somewhat lacking defensively. Probable Winners though.

    Italy Very good defensively and tend to struggle to score more 1 or 2 goals in a game, but they make up for that by defending brilliantly.

    Germans are a strong team but lack matchwinners in their team.

    England have a very strong all round team and could win it in 2006, plenty of world class players playing at the top (or near to the top) of their game at the moment. The real question will be whether or not the will stay strong throughout 90 mins or fade in the second half like they did in 2002.
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