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Aerospace Specfications of planes

  1. Oct 8, 2009 #1
    heyy does anyone know where i can get specifications of single seater passenger planes.....i need airfoil, chord length, wingspan, weight, fuselage length, distance of wings from tailplane etc....really detail....even electronics used....plzz help????
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    You're not going to find this kind of proprietary information compiled into a single source.
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    I was looking to build one of these a while back but never got up to it for multiple reasons (Money, more money, and money). I have the plans for it some where... They cost about $115 I think. Not sure what the drill is here with torrents so I won't link you to one, but you can probably find professional plans on any torrent site.

    If you're actually planning on building a plane though, I would go with the legit deal and buy the plans. Using plans you got off the Internet seems like a dangerous idea (Important instructions could be missing, etc) but for educational purposes, pirating is the way to go.
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    the thing is we don't want to copy the existing design...we just want to use it as a reference...we want be building the plane just the design....the building is really expensive....will torrents help...just want things like airfoil ,chord length, the things you don't get normally...........thnx
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    No offense, but how are you guys going to design an airplane when you don't really know anything about aerodynamics?
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    come on....we really know aerodynamics.....i cant say how much.......but its obvious that we need to know it before we even dream to start designing a plane
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