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Special and General relativity -Basic findings

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    Special and General relativity --Basic findings

    Hello All,

    Kindly note that it is not a home work.

    The Special Relativity (SR) and the General Relativity (GR) has some basic findings. I mean to say that say, SR:has some findings like:

    (a) The speed of light c is constant.
    (b) The faster you move, the clock runs slow.

    Similarly GR has some:

    (a) Spacetime is curved
    (b) The principle of Equivalence.

    Can anybody please list what are the findings (or whatever you might call) of both SR and GR?

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    You cannot consider SR and GR in this way. They are not different theories in that sense. GR postulates that SR holds in local coordinate bases which are transported along the worldlines that represent 'observers'. These worldlines could be in curved spacetime. The 'findings' of SR all emerge from the Minkowski geometry, and this is preserved in local frames.

    Another way of thinking about the relationship between SR and GR is that SR is GR in globally flat spacetime, or GR is SR with curved spacetime.
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